Strategy Benefits

Dynamic investing blends the benefits of a strategic and tactically managed allocation. This type of portfolio remains invested, unlike a traditional tactical portfolio that may move to a fully defensive allocation. However, dynamic portfolios can make tactical/opportunistic shifts (i.e. decrease domestic exposure in favor of commodities). By combining the components of strategic and tactical, investors gain exposure to a risk adjusted portfolio that can take advantage of the current market environment.

Key Features

Ability to move up or down on the risk spectrum given short term market outlook



Buy & Hold

Stock & ETF Utilization
Key Features

By creating an allocation of investment vehicles that are priced throughout the day, our team can be more agile as well as tax efficient


Tax Efficient

Tax Inefficient

Actively Managed
Key Features

Intended for investors who are looking for active management but do not wish to miss out on market participation



100% Invested

100% Defensive

Investment Horizon
Key Features

Ability to use momentum to position asset classes more favorably given the current market environment


Momentum Driven

Total Return Focused

Strategic investing is the cornerstone of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). By diversifying portfolio allocation across multiple asset classes (equity & fixed income), investors can maximize their risk/reward given their risk suitability. A strategic portfolio is positioned with a long-term investment time horizon in mind. Since short term opportunistic portfolio changes do not take place, investors must understand that regardless of what major indices are doing, their portfolio is designed to weather the storm.

Investment Horizon
Key Features

Intended for long term investors who are willing to accept market fluctuations and withstand full market cycles


Long Term

Short Term

Certainty of Assets
Key Features

Your investments will stay invested rather than reallocated in a tactical manner


Stay Invested


Risk Exposure
Key Features

Low-cost beta exposure to an agreed-upon risk tolerance





Investment Horizon
Key Features

Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) argues the possibility of designing an ideal portfolio that provides the investor maximum returns given an optimum risk level


Return Maximization

Risk Mitigation

Kingsview Investment Management (KIM) Multi-Strategy risk-based allocations aim to provide investors with the most optimal characteristics of both active and passive investing. Depending on an investor’s goals, our investment team aims to methodically combine the best features of both our established strategic and dynamic programs to arrive at the desired portfolio solution.

Active Passive Multi-Strategy
Benefits of active and passive

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