Firm Overview

Kingsview Investment Management is an organization comprised of experienced thought leaders and innovators within the financial industry. We are committed to a culture of excellence, providing services that are uniquely positioned to serve a broad range of investors due to our diverse offerings. Our dynamic approach to investment management creates a methodology that not only gives investors robust exposure to traditional & non-traditional asset classes, but it allows our portfolio management team to be opportunistic in the process.

Our dedication to repeatable, high
conviction portfolio management is what
separates us from our peers.
The boutique structure of Kingsview
allows our team to be more reactive,
and thus far more impactful.

– Scott Martin, CIMA® | Chief Investment Officer

Our Approach

We at Kingsview Investment Management understand the value of Modern Portfolio Theory. We also understand that passive investing has its inherent benefits and downfalls. What remains clear throughout any market cycle is that those who stay invested prevail.

Our Philosophy

Kingsview Investment Management (KIM) believes in the power of collaboration. Whether it be with advisors or investors (retail and institutional alike), KIM’s overarching philosophy is deeply rooted in a 3-pronged approach.

Our Leadership

The KIM Investment Committee, comprising senior management professionals and Kingsview Wealth Managers, plays an integral role in exercising fiduciary responsibilities for Kingsview’s clients.

How to access this strategy?

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