Our Approach

Kingsview Investment Management understands the value of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and that strategic investing has its inherent benefits and downfalls.

What remains clear throughout any market cycle is that those who stay invested prevail.

Our portfolio management team believes in a dynamic approach to investment management.  Pairing the positive characteristics of strategic and tactical investing creates a methodology that gives investors robust exposure to traditional & non-traditional asset classes.  It also allows our portfolio management team to make short term market moves while keeping our clients 100% invested.

Our Philosophy

Kingsview Investment Management (KIM) believes in the power of collaboration. Whether it be with advisors or investors (retail and institutional alike), KIM’s overarching philosophy is deeply rooted in a 3-pronged approach.

  • Due Diligence – KIM’s research team focuses on selecting the highest caliber investment vehicle based on a portfolio’s asset class makeup. We do this by leveraging our proprietary capital market assumptions as well as our time-tested selection criteria.
  • Practice Management – Understanding what is most important to our clients is vital to our shared success. Whether you are an advisor looking to deploy high-conviction, fundamental strategies for your trusted clients, or an investor looking to manage investment goals, our team of consultants is focused on helping you sleep better at night and wake up more confident each morning.
  • Portfolio Strategies – KIM’s lineup of Strategic and Dynamic model portfolios are designed with investor goals in mind. Style-based and risk-defined allocations can be added to any investor allocation as either a Core or Satellite solution.  Our proprietary screening process ensures investors can have confidence that their model strategy utilizes the highest conviction funds.

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